August 2017 Manchester Crime Statistics - what can you do?

The reported crime statistics in Greater Manchester for August 2017 have been published and the figures are as follows:

ASB - 6,284

Burglary - 2,856

Robbery - 557

Vehicle crime - 2,678

Violent - 8,898

Shoplifting - 1,480

CD&A - 3,659

Other Theft - 2,202

Drugs - 343

Bike Theft - 429

Theft from Person - 432

Weapons - 248

Public Order - 4,930

Other - 662

Total - 35,658

As displayed from the above figures, Crime Statistics (Which of course are only reported crimes) continue to rise based on the same statistics published 12 months ago in August 2016 when figures were at a total of 31,365, that's an increase of 13.7% and a 17.4% increase on reported crimes in August 2015 which stood at 30,386.

The statistics show that crime continues to rise year on year, 3 years ago in August 2014 the total figures were 27,772 and this is a worrying trend but what is the cause and what can you do about it? 

The accelerating rise in crime comes as Home Office figures show a further fall of 924 in the past year in the number of police officers, to 123,142 in England and Wales. This is the fewest officers in England and Wales since 1985. Police numbers have fallen by 20,592 since 2010. The Government and its austerity measures and money saving schemes clearly show that fighting crime of this sort is not a priority in the current climate, you will get little assistance for anything but the most serious of crimes committed. The number of active police officers has fallen for the 7th year running, which is about the same amount of time the Conservative government came to power (May 2010) - coincidence? undoubtedly not.

Strikingly, As the CSEW is a survey of the population resident in households it traditionally has not covered crimes against businesses. Additionally, the police recorded crime series can only provide a partial picture of crimes against the business community as not all offences come to the attention of the police. The Commercial Victimisation Survey (CVS) provides estimates of crime against selected business premises covered in its sample and gives some insight into the number of these crimes that go unreported to the police. The numbers are again very troubling.

During 2016, Per 1,000 business premises in England and Wales, there were 303 burglary cases and 308 acts of vandalism on property, 437 robberies and 524 assaults and threats. In total, there was 13,426 crimes per 1,000 premises in England and Wales, which is remarkable.

With Crime going up and police numbers going down, An alternative to relying on the overworked and under resourced police force would be to be proactive and provide you own countermeasures, Although admittedly only certain kinds of crime exist where we, the general public can make an impact, for example with theft, burglary and criminal damage to property, this can be achieved for example by installing security equipment including a monitored alarm system, CCTV and cages and shutters to exteriors. however, although this may reduce crime, you are still at risk should any of your monitoring equipment or alarm systems detect intrusion? but who exactly will respond to an incident?

One solution would be to employ a keyholding and alarm response company, who in the event of detection at your property will attend site, investigate and ensure your property is safe and secure, in the event of a break in or a breach to access points, a good keyholding company will also make any repairs that are needed, ensuring that your domestic dwelling is safe or in the case of business premises, your building and productivity are not disturbed. A keyholding company such as Inquest Canine Detection and Security Ltd will ensure you and your staff can continue in work, almost like the incident didn't occur. Furthermore, the vast majority of the time, a well organised keyholding company will arrive on site following any kind of alarm activation much quicker than the police force can.

This kind of service can be obtained for as little as 55p per day, which is less of a financial contribution than the average person is taxed for policing each year, for what the statistics show is clearly a service you are not fully receiving.

The police force has a difficult job, we all know that, they can only work with the tools provided to them by our elected government. A Professional Keyholding and Alarm response service can go quite some way to plugging the gaps this government has created.

Look after each other.